Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15

New recipes are the spice of life. Literally some times.  We love trying new things and we love using the crock pot.  Just in case you didn't know that already.

On Wednesday night around 10:30, I put this recipe into the crock pot.  And we woke up to a delicious warm breakfast with no work involved.  It cooked on low until around 6:30 when Alan switched it to warm and was cooked perfectly. The recipe says it serves 12.  Everyone had toast with it and everyone had firsts but several of my kids were looking for seconds and there were none to be had.  Yes, that picture looks funky. Maybe even gross. It didn't look like that. I promise.

Thankful for breakfast from the crock pot. Mornings rarely get better than that. (Unless maybe you end up with breakfast in bed and I did that morning.)

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