Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend Plans

We have tons of plans for the weekend and I'm just hoping we get them all done. I have a book review that I need to work on. We're getting 40 some odd bales of hay delivered in the next hour. The washing machine needs to be repaired. The bunk beds were repaired last night. The kids and I were invited to pick some free apples, pears, and walnuts yesterday so I have a bunch of those to process. I'm going to just can the pear and dehydrate a bunch of the apples. Not sure what to do with all of them yet because we brought home way more than I was planning on. I've given some away and may try to give more away. I have to go pick up more popcorn and get that ready to dry. I need to remember to turn the scanner on and deposit some checks. You'd think remembering to do it from home would be easy.  The boys need to be signed up for Merit Badge University. We are attempting to clean up the yard before the weather turns. At least some of us are, some of the kids are still making weird contraptions involving headstones, strollers, and milk jugs. My meal plan is already done so hopefully after a quick run to the bread store, I can get to work on the produce.  Because there are certainly worse things in life to think about than having extra produce. Like that fact that there are still no plans in place to pay the reserve units for their drill time earlier this month. Because everyone loves to work for free. Can you hear the sarcasm? Because if not, you need to turn your sarcasm meter on. :)

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