Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's To-Do List

I can just tell I will need accountability so here is a public to-do list.  There is a lot to do and not quite enough time so let's see how today goes.

Wash parents' laundry.
Fold/put away said laundry.
Fold two other loads of laundry.
Can apple butter
Can apple sauce
Put another round of apples in the dehydrator
Make apple pie filling
Make 4 loaves of apple bread  (ended up with 3 loaves but we'll call it good)
Make apple peanut butter bars
Buy milk and vacuum bags and baking powder because we are apparently out
Return bottles/cans to the store
Deposit checks (yes, still)
Sign boys up for Merit Badge University (yes, still)
School with Gabe
School with Abby
School with Katie and Liam
Make dinner
Write book review
Take older boys to karate
Send a coupon to a friend
Load dishwasher
Make yogurt

I know there is more that I am forgetting. Yes, the older children will be doing school work as well but they are a bit more independent so I'm hoping they can mostly manage on their own. Wish me luck. I am hoping this takes care of most of the apples but it probably won't.  Anyone need any apples?

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