Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Cat

Part of living near so much farm land is an annual invasion of creatures this time of year. Small unwanted creatures that are seeking a warm place to stay.  This summer we've also dealt with new unwanted creatures in the house.  The snakes living under the front steps had babies. The babies keep coming into the basement. When the city water line was connected to the house, this somehow gave the outside frogs access to the basement. Don't ask me how because I'm not sure. I only know when I am standing in the basement hallway and I see a male frog and a female frog I start to think bad thoughts regarding the reproduction rates of said creatures.  I'm against using chemical poisons, believe the glue boards are rather inhumane, and don't relish the idea of a small child getting a finger caught in a snap trap so we've decided to add a natural predator to the mix.

We adopted an outside barn cat this week.  Heavy emphasis on the outside part.  With Sean's allergies and asthma, having a cat in the house is not a possibility. And after dealing with a pet cat growing up who used to pee in my closet, I have no desire to allow said creatures in my home either.  Positive: the cat was free. She's an older black cat and apparently no one likes to adopt either older cats or black ones.  She seems to not at all be overwhelmed by the children or the dogs.  Her name is Jaeda but Alan says she will become just The Cat because an outside cat in this are is likely to be taken down by a coyote eventually and the children should not get attached.  My only hope is she will take out a few snakes, frogs, and mice before that happens.  She is living in the garage for a few days while she adapts to her new digs and then we will let her out and hope she does not just run off.

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