Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Purging Goals

In the last few weeks, we've donated 3 trunk loads full of clothes and such. And the dog who is "not" having seizures (according to the vet) had I think 2 seizures in the playroom which then necessitated purging about half the contents of the playroom.  I'm honestly at the point where I truly think the playroom could stand to still loose another 50% of it's contents but I'm trying to not completely freak the kids out.  It just might happen before Christmas though.

Anyway, while I am still in the mood to purge, I thought I would post a few goals to keep me cleaning the house out over the next month. Hopefully some accountability will keep me motivated. I'm sure it would work better with pictures but I'm not quite in that mood at the moment.

1. purge bookshelves: this one is hard for me because we have lived in placed with pathetic libraries but I have to admit we have too much which means we can't always find the books we need when we are looking.

2. clean out the shoe closet: just plain needed and this will include tackling the mound of shoes in the storage room and the shoes the girls have in their room.

3. convince Alan to maybe get rid of a few things in his closet: because you just don't purge your husband's stuff yourself unless maybe he goes on a 6 month business trip and at that point, I don't think anyone would blame you.

4. rearrange/clean out the master bedroom: because it is just plain needed.

Long term we'd love to work on turning part of the garage into a mud room of sorts, especially with winter coming soon so we can cut down on the snow and mud tracked into the house and the boots and snow gear that end up tossed all over the house.

So wish me luck. Please.

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Krista Heiser said...

Purging books is so hard to do! You have my complete sympathy. It's a job I try to avoid one year after another.