Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just a Short Note

Although you'd think on some level this shouldn't need to be said, I feel the need to say it anyway because folks are often weird in their expectations.  Please understand that over the next few weeks I simply may not be available, around, in the best of moods. No, we don't feel the need to paint on a happy face and pretend for folks. No, flowers won't make the heart ache any better because frankly nothing else quite sucks the way watching flowers die does in a case like this.  No, telling me you are so happy that someone else in heaven gets to spend time with my daughter does not help because seriously, how would it? Telling to be grateful and take it as the message it was and just stop having kids already only makes me think ill thoughts about you. So just please understand that I reserve the right to be sullen and moody and miserable and not take phone calls for a while.  So thanks for understanding.

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