Sunday, October 20, 2013

How the Weekend Panned Out

So far this weekend Alan fixed the bunk beds (for the cost of a wooden dowel), Liam and Alan fixed the washing machine (got the part for free because I had Amazon gift cards banked), barn roof has been repaired, loft added to so there was ample space for the hay, 44 bales of hay have been put away, a manger was built in the barn for the hay (yup, I thought that was a little silly but what the heck).  The sheep were moved so they are now eating down the overgrown garden area so we can start fresh in the spring. 5 packages of chicken have been turned into 2 meals of peanut satay, 4 bags of uncooked chicken for crockpot meals, 3 large bags of shredded chicken for casseroles, one bag of shredded chicken for soup, and 6 bags of shredded chicken for pizza. Yes, we do love BBQ chicken and chicken wing pizza around here. 4 quarts of pears were canned and there were enough leftover for a Gabe sized snack. Apple butter is in the crockpot, applesauce is currently cooking on the stove, the dehydrator is doing it's magic on a batch of apples. We made apple crisp for dessert. The walnuts have been separated to be processed by the boys later this week.  Another batch of popcorn has been set aside to dry. The part we need to fix the dishwasher has been ordered so hopefully that can be fixed by the end of the week. We dropped by the cemetery to see if any progress has actually been made on the gravestone but no such luck. They apparently work very, very slowly. Sigh.

Haircuts for the boys are currently in progress downstairs.  Good thing, too, because they were all looking rather shaggy and I was getting tempted to shave a few heads. I still need to get the boys signed up for merit badge university and get my book review written. It was a wonderful book. Tomorrow will hopefully be filled with more apple processing, school work, writing that book review, and baking with a few more of those apples.  Maybe next weekend we'll be able to start putting some of the older popcorn away.


Jeff Hite said...

The Manger keeps the hay up off the ground so that it does not get wet and so they don't use it as beding

Dirtdartwife said...

do you cook the chicken before shredding it?

Cheryl said...

Yes, I cook the chicken before I shred it. I just dump it in the crockpot and let it cook until it's done, then shred it and bag it up. Super easy and it cooks while I am doing other things.