Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eggs! Finally!

The bungle twins (as Alan has been known to call Katie and Liam) finally found a small stash of eggs hiding behind a pile of wood near the barn. Thank goodness because I was getting very close to putting a few of the chickens into the soup pot because they quite frankly have not been earning their keep. We got them as chicks in March and they really should have been laying at least for the past month, maybe more.  Granted, part of the delay was that some of the children so loathe the feed the chickens chore that they would just wander the yard and come inside and lie about having actually fed and watered the chickens.  Yes, I have stubborn children.
Normally the chickens will not lay much during the winter but since we will have sheep and possibly lambs in the barn this winter, we'll be heating it more than usual so I'm hoping that will help them lay just a bit more than usual.  I'm not usually a proponent of encouraging or forcing chickens to lay outside of their normal cycle but I'm hoping to get a few extra eggs out of the ladies this year.

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