Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canning Update

I bought out an entire table labeled day old produce from the produce stand. This netted me 6 large boxes plus several 8 quart baskets full of apples, peppers (both spicy and bell), pears, peaches, apricots, a few zucchini and tomatoes. I traded one box with a mix of apples and peppers for a bag of tomatoes and some last minute housecleaning with a friend. Spotless house out of the deal in time for the Frontier Girls meeting means I definitely made out better on that deal. I have been canning and freezing for two days and still have work ahead of me because the boys picked 16 quarts of pears off our trees and most of the tomatoes are untouched and some of the grapes are ready and I have a box full of bell peppers waiting to be cut up, not to mention the apple peels and cores sitting in the crockpot juicing right now for apple peel jelly and the older apples in the basement freezer I need to use. So the current canning count from the past two days stands at:

7 quarts of pickled peppers
6 12 oz jars of pickled peppers
1 8 oz jar of pickled peppers
21 quarts of applesauce
3 pints of applesauce
10 jars of roasted red pepper spread
6 jars of pear butter
10 jars of apple butter
18 quarts of bell peppers in the freezer

Yes, I had to buy a few new jars.  We have actually had 2 break in the canner this year but they were both my Grandmother's so I figure they have seen more than a few years' worth of use. Now I actually need to take a break and make dinner since I told everyone last night was leftover night.  But I'm sitting here listening to the sound of popping canning lids and enjoying the sight of counters and tables covered in home canned food. The pantry shelves will be looking awfully full tonight.


millie1423 said...

Your grandparents and great great grandparents would be so proud of you.

Jeff Hite said...

You forgot all the Salsa

Cheryl said...

I was not forgetting the salsa. The salsa was not canned over the past few days so it didn't count for this list. Just like I didn't count all the jams already made or the pancake syrup bottled. Technicalities I'm sure.

Ashley said...

I haven't gotten to canning any tomatoes yet. I have about 10 gallon size bags in my freezer full of tomatoes, plus still a bunch coming in from the garden, because I just haven't been able to figure out how to can and field children at the same time? I have gotten pickles, jam, and applesauce done ... somehow. And I've been avoiding the apple trees. As excited as I am to have them, I feel less guilty about any of the apples that end up getting wasted if I just avoid going near the trees unless I actually have time to harvest. Seeing all of those apples on the ground brings on the biggest case of mom-guilt.

Cheryl said...

I haven't done the tomatoes yet. Waiting for reinforcements to get here to help with those as I've never done just tomatoes before. And the apples get picked by the kids around here. Not always a good thing when it gets picked before I'm able to really get to it. I'm pretty sure there are some more apples out in the yard to deal with later but the basement freezer is full of peaches and apples that are getting to that point where if I don't do something, they'll have to be tossed so we'll be making apple butter and peach butter tonight. This will be the year when we don't use syrup on pancakes and use the fruit butters instead. Of course, we are almost out of jars now. Kind of weird to have used up just about all of our jars already.