Saturday, September 28, 2013

Been Busy

Been busy canning and freezing and such things. So not much new to report. Other than a 25 lb bag of rice translates to 4 gallons of rice. I'm wondering how much space 25 lbs of popcorn kernels would take up but we'd probably be better off finding someone to split a bag of popcorn of that size with.  We are going to give making sauerkraut one more try hopefully tonight (the last attempt did not turn out well, it is supposed to be a super simple process so I have no clue what went wrong). I also need to can some apricots, make one more batch of apple jelly, and we'll hopefully pull enough grapes off the vines for a batch of grape jelly. Then I think I will be done canning for the time being. I got a bit crazy and started emptying the open canning jars in the fridge and putting the contents in other containers so I could reuse the jars. Now to just figure out how to adapt our diet over the next 6/8 months to use up all the jars of pickled peppers. Since they are a mix of spicy and sweet peppers, I imagine they'll just get tossed on sandwiches a lot.  Anyway, the pantry is looking awesome and it is now time to refocus on stocking up on baking supplies during the holiday sales. We missed most of the sales last year and actually have had to pay full price for flour which totally stinks.  Anyway, hopefully soon we'll be back to our normal schedule and have pictures and such things.