Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Robert Update

Robert has been sick this week with what I had last week.  So the boy was confined to his room watching movies and such things for most of two days (yes, we quarantine the sick ones over a certain age to help prevent getting everyone sick. It may not always work but we try) After settling the younger 3 down for naps yesterday, I took the middle 4 with me to pick up our order from SAMS club.  When we got home, Liam went upstairs to give Robert the rest of his soda.  He comes downstairs to tell me that Robert has blood in his ear.  The poor boy ruptured an ear drum.  For some reason the pediatrician's office was closed at 3:00 on a Tuesday so the two of us headed to urgent care. On the positive side, no one else was there when we got there. On the negative side, they are more expensive than the ped. And I'm fairly certain I could have asked him for just one antibiotic instead of two.  Heck, do you ever feel like you just want to call the doctor and say hey, this is the problem. Can you just call in a prescription for me? Because some days I feel like I wish I could do that and save myself the trip. Anyway, Robert is doing much better today. Not sure if that is the meds or just where he was with the bug since I know once the pain went away in my ear, I started feeling much better, too.  But he'll be laying low for a few more days anyway just in case.

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