Thursday, August 22, 2013

VBS Week

The kids have been doing VBS this week. .Everyone from Sean down to Ellie.  Ok, Ellie is hanging out with me because apparently the thought of being in the nursery is mental breakdown inducing awful for her.The program our parish is using is authentically Catholic (it is from CatChat which is a program we really love around here).  This is quite a change from the normal programs you get that are just watered down versions of the Protestant programs. I have nothing against such programs for Protestant churches but I do think we can do better for our own parishes. Heck, I think we deserve better for our children.  It's not as awesome as the Totus Tuus program but it is progress and I am ever hopeful that now that I was able to get a religious education director interested in CatChat, maybe I can start working on getting Totus Tuus in our area.  The older children need something just as awesome and faith filled.

Aside from the normal VBS stuff, I am just tired.Worn out. Tired.  Not sleeping well and exhausted. But the kids made dinner tonight while I napped on the couch so hopefully by the weekend, I'll be feeling better. Hopefully.

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