Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Food Cooked by a Real Kid

The meal plan has been just a wee bit fluid this week.  It's been a weird week I guess. Katie ended up being in charge of dinner tonight and she made this creamy mac and cheese recipe.  By herself.  This is why I am baffled when people are proud of their high schoolers for being able to make pancakes or grilled cheese.  But then again, we try to start the kids in the kitchen early and teach them how to help out the family in general at an earlier age than I guess most are comfortable doing.

I'm trying to transition our family to more of a whole foods diet so I've been spending time reading websites from folks who can share real life ideas and recipes.  The above website is wonderful because she shares how to cook with whole foods from scratch on a budget and without spending lots of time in the kitchen. Her recipes are very simple and often short on ingredients which is an awesome thing.  I doubt as we continue to change our eating habits that we will make a 100% change. But I've long felt that the current popular medical advice of eat everything low-fat, fat-free, sugar-free and such stuff is pure bunk.  You can't replace healthy natural foods with chemically produced imitations and expect people to be healthy.  Yes, I believe the medical establishment in general is responsible for making our country so darn sick over the past few generations.  I mean, if the sugar-free, fat-free versions of food were really so healthy, why are all the people eating them suffering from so many chronic health problems? And I say this knowing I have many family members and friends who have fallen into this trap because it's supposedly healthier. And what I have seen instead is those same people instead of looking healthier over the years have seemed to get even sicker.  So I'm doing my best to go back to the real way of eating as much as possible.  Not to say we will avoid all treats or that I will empty my pantry of all offenders. Just that I will be more mindful of what I replace our stock with when it dwindles and pay more attention to keeping foods as close to the natural source as possible.

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