Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life and a Meal Plan

Ah, it is meal plan time again. But first let me tell a little about my week.  First, there is me getting sick. With what, who knows. Cold, sinus crud, ear ache, body aches, throwing up. Yup, I wanted to stay in bed. But Alan was out of town. Because I'm lucky. Then there were the 100+ peaches that the kids picked that needed to be canned. That got stored in the fridge downstairs. That someone forgot to turn on after plugging it in. Did I mention I was sick? The gross sorry looking peaches got tossed today. I feel so horrible to have wasted them but seriously, I could not stand up long enough to can them really. Then there was the $80 paycheck. Actually that is an overestimate. I choose to laugh at that because, well, I didn't want to cry.  Annual tour times suck right now. Just saying. And the FedEx package that was sent for overnight delivery complete with paying an expedited fee that was 2 days late.  It sat in Rochester for over 36 hrs before they delivered it. And what is up with delivery personnel not knocking on your door or something? Seriously.  I spent a couple of days wondering if Ellie perhaps had something worse than croup because she would start choking when she was coughing and then start crying because she was choking. But she's better now. Mostly.

Alan is home. He and the kids spent the morning at the farm and brought home tons of onions and cabbage and beets and peppers. I need to dry some of the onions to store for winter, make some sauerkraut to can, can some pickled beets, and Alan is going to can salsa this weekend. We are down to our last 2 jars. That is danger level for this house. Someone told me we were out so I bought some at the store. Store bought salsa is just sad.  That is all I can say.
As my wonderful husband has said, quite a different look for me.
A bat landed on my bedroom window yesterday and slightly startled me.  Which sent me looking for pictures from our caving trips with Girl Scouts when we'd run into bats. Small bats. Sleeping bats. Bats that did not startle me.  Awesome trips.  I don't think my boys really believe that their mother used to go crawling around in caves, go rappelling, rock climbing, jump off buildings.  I think they think it was all made up.  Rappelling off the side of the science building at college. I was so mad that the ROTC guys refused to let us step off the right way and said you had to just sort of let yourself fall off lest you got hurt. I said that was for wimps. They said I had to do it their way. I got part way down the wall and their instructor was hanging his head off the side of the building telling me to go sign up for ROTC since I knew what I was doing.  Sigh. What a difference that would have made in my life. Anyway, now I do meal plans and algebra and struggle to figure out why on God's green earth a reputable big name Catholic homeschool provider is teaching young earth crap to their students.  My, my life has changed. I miss rock climbing and rappelling and coming home from camping/caving trips so messy that you needed 2 days to clean up. I miss tutoring chemistry students and calculus and feeling like I was actually using my brain. I miss German and Spanish and those odd days when I would find myself in Spanish class but my brain was translating everything into German. The talks with my chemistry advisor when he would switch languages between English and German and Spanish and I'd never miss a beat. Nor would he because the poor man had mercury poisoning and never knew he was doing it.  As my Grandmother told me once "You used to be so smart. "  Yup, that's me in a nutshell. I used to be so smart.  Sigh.

So meal plan time.  Here's my best guess as we attempt to start the school year this week and get back to Boy Scouts and Frontier Girls and teach an NFP class this week and all that jazz.

S: cereal (B), hamburgers and sweet potato fries (D)
M: eggs (B), sweet and sour pork (D)
T: baked oatmeal (B), tator tot casserole (D)
W: zucchini bread (B), oven fajitas (D)
T: cereal (B), chicken bacon ranch sandwiches and coleslaw (D)
F: yogurt (B), mac and cheddar with broccoli (D)
S: not sure (B), pizza night (D)

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Mark said...

You are still super smart and an incredibly strong role model for your children....especially your little girls! What you do for your family everyday takes more intelligence, strength and love than many people would ever understand!

I remember those caving, repelling and camping trips with the Girl Scouts with such fond memories. I often wonder what happened to that girl but I know those experiences have made me the woman I am today!

Thanks for sharing the picture and the made my week!