Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The New Not a Rooster

The chickens were out of food so I headed to the feed store for more this morning. While I was there, someone called in to complain about a chick they had purchased that spring. They said they were told it was a hen and it turned out to be a rooster so they wanted to return it because they could not have a rooster in their neighborhood. The folks at the feed store were decidedly frustrated and annoyed because it is just not typical to return a chicken. I mean, if you can't keep them, they go for a decent amount on craigslist and there is always the option of putting them on your dinner plate. So out of my mouth came the craziest thing: We'll take him. Our rooster was killed and we'd really like another one.
As Alan put it when I picked him up from work this afternoon, I am not the woman he married. No clue what happened to me since this is the second time in recent months that I have agreed to take a new animal into our home.  We picked the bird up and we are all certain the previous owners just wanted to get rid of it and did not want to bother doing any work. It is decidedly not a spring chicken. This bird is at least over a year old. And it does not at all appear to be a rooster.  Often in a totally female environment, one of the hens will take on the roll of the rooster so it is possible the bird was crowing and such things. But why the deception is my question. Anyway, we are hoping it will blend into our existing flock without a hitch but not I'm wondering if it will because it is so much older. Normally you don't want to mix birds that are too much bigger in size but we shall see once the quarantine period is over. And maybe we'll get a few eggs out the bird. Maybe.

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