Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meal Plan and Other Assorted Things

I feel a bit badly for neglecting this little spot of my life this week but it's been busy. Both older boys started their jobs this week.  They work in opposite directions from the house so there is a lot of driving to do. Bryan is working for a fruit farm so his day doesn't exactly have set hours which does complicate things.  Sean was able to find a ride back and forth most days so that does help quite a bit.  Next week Bryan also has a chemistry lab camp i the afternoons so we won't see very much of him next week.

Most of the older folks are getting back into running. Alan is leaving the rest of us in the dust but progress is being made by everyone.  Even with is asthma, Sean's natural running stride leaves him at a bit of an advantage over his siblings.

A friend gifted us with their older piano when they were given a newer one.  This means we can start a few kids on piano lessons once we find an affordable source and I have an awesome excuse for purging another half of the toys from the house since we need the space for the piano.

But I suppose it's really time to get back to a meal plan. I'm struggling a bit with planning around seasonal produce and such things. I absolutely want to take advantage of the lower prices seasonal foods but sometimes that requires a bit of tweaking to make sure we don't waste anything.  Cucumbers are 4/$1 at the farmers market right now so that is what the kids are snacking on this week along with the blueberries I've been able to pick up for 99 cents a pint. I still have some kohlrabi in the fridge I need to use and some beets but I am lacking ideas.  So feel free to send some suggestions my way.

S: biscuits and gravy (B), chicken and rice (D)
M: waffles and apple butter (B), oven fajitas (D)
T: yogurt and fruit (B), eyes closed pot roast (D)
W: eggs and toast (B), orange chicken (D)
T: oatmeal (B), pasta of some sort (D)
F: Gabe's birthday so his choice, I've heard something about a vanilla cake and Buffalo Wild Wings
S: we have no clue yet but I think part of it will be cleaning out the leftovers

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