Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meal Plan Time Again

It's time once again to come up with a meal plan.  You'd think this would be an easy task given that the house is absolutely full of food.  And yet, I always struggle with coming up with fresh ideas. There have been a few requests for the week (Kieran has requested steak and bleu cheese roll-ups which are delicious but definitely one of our more expensive meals) and we have the leftover hot dogs and buns from the bonfire night that was cancelled due to days and days of constant rain.  The yard is looking decidedly wet and muddy at the moment.

S: Dad says he is cooking (B), FFY (L), grilled pork chops (D)
M: oatmeal (B), pbj (L), chicken divan (D)
T: eggs (B), grilled cheese (L), hot dogs/bratwurst (D)
W: cereal (B), leftovers (L), steak and bleu cheese roll-ups (D)
T: yogurt and granola (B), tuna sandwiches (L), bean and cheese enchiladas (D)
F: cranberry bread (B), leftovers (L), BBQ chicken legs (D)
S: biscuits and gravy (B), FFY (L), pizza (D)

I'm starting to debate the merits of planning meals on a twice monthly basis instead of every week.  I'm not sure if that would be beneficial to us or not at this point.  I may have to give it a try soon.


Dirtdartwife said...

steak and bleu cheese roll ups... hmmm... recipe? :)

Ashley M. said...

Definitely going to be trying those steak roll ups! They sound delish...even better that it's a crockpot recipe.

I always struggle with lunch ideas. We rarely have leftovers, and if we do, Zac usually takes them to work for lunch. So in the summer time when produce is super cheap at the market (or in the garden), I do "European lunch." Basically just crackers, cheese, pickles, and sliced up fruits/veg.