Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Depot Saturday

After dropping the older 3 boys off at a Boy Scout service project, the younger 6 went with me to Home Depot today for the kids' workshop.  I relearned a lesson today: a two-year-old will not just sit and watch everyone else build and be ok with it.  She wants to do her own project and have something to take home to show Dad, too.  Why I have to relearn this with each successive child I'm really not sure.  Where the child gets her stubborn streak, that one I can tell you easily.
So we brought home 6 lawnmower pencil organizers.  Very nifty looking and super easy to make. Even if I did refuse to allow them to paint their projects this time. No pictures of the kids in action because I'm still getting back into the routine of doing such projects alone with 6 kids so I just left the camera at home. I've become way too dependent lately on the older boys and Alan. Guess I've gotten used to having an extra set of helping hands around.  Shocking thing.  I really need to relearn how not to depend on them so much.

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