Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dairy Goats

The trip to the zoo brought up an interesting question to ponder. We keep jokingly saying that we just need to invest in a cow given that we can easily go through over 20 gallons of milk in a month.  While at the zoo, Kieran spent quite a bit of time reading all the information at the goat exhibit and then told us that perhaps we should invest in a dairy goat instead of a cow because they would be easier to take care of and require less land.  The crazy thing is that now we are actually considering it a little bit. At least enough to start doing some research on the topic. I'm not so sure I could get used to drinking goat's milk but I'd love the chance to make cheese and such things with it.  So now onto the research phase and wrapping my mind around the fact that I no longer find such suggestions to be odd.

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