Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chicken Satay For Real

Ok, we finally did it. We finally managed to pulled the chicken satay out of the freezer, toss it on the grill, and serve it for dinner. And everyone loved it.  Yet again one of those times when I must admit to myself that my children are nothing like what I remember in my family growing up. They are adventurous eaters who willing try a whole host of foods that deviate from standard American fare. I know I've heard it said many times that your palette just develops more as an adult but I really am starting to think that is a bunch of hooey.  Yes, you often expand upon what you eat as a adult but I truly see a benefit in attempting to expose your kids to a wider variety of food when they are younger.  Beyond the benefits of finding cheaper and healthier foods, it keeps things much more interesting.  So I'm thinking the next time I have room in the freezer for some freezer meals, chicken satay will be made again.  But that might take a while since we still have most of the the pig, almost half a cow, 2 turkeys, 2 chickens, and a bunch of other stuff. There are much worse things in life than having freezers that are slightly full, that's all I can say. I just hope we can get them empty enough by January to get the lamb in.

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