Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Dog

Here's the new dog. Guinness seems to be adjusting for the most part. Wiley still has her nose out of joint and is barking at Guinness when their paths cross but we seem to have settled for the moment on Guinness hanging out in the playroom and living room while Wiley roams the kitchen areas. Mostly. It's not perfect but it means they aren't chasing each other so I'm calling it progress.  I'm hoping a few more days will mellow Wiley a bit more.
Liam and Guinness have already declared their undying loyalty to each other and share a bed at night.  Ellie wanders around called him "my dog, my dog" so it is safe to say he has been accepted into the fold.  Except for that stubborn other dog of ours who likes to proclaim that this is her yard and no one else is allowed.  But we're working on that one. So for those keeping count the menagerie now include 2 dogs, 6 sheep, and about 19 assorted chickens.  Any other animals added must either live in an aquarium under water or be raised to provide food in some way.  These are the rules I am putting in place.

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