Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pink Lemonade Cake

Sadly, I have no pictures because I forgot to take one. But while trying to come up with something tea party appropriate for the Little Rosary group, I stumbled upon this recipe.  I decided to make that for the function but it required a trip to the store the night before. During Boy Scouts. On an evening where I also had to fit in a trip to the library and to Home Depot during the 90 minute scout meeting. And, of course, the grocery store did not have all the right ingredients so I had to make a last minute substitution. Instead of the called for lemon cake mix, I used one of Pillsbury's new pink lemonade cake mixes.  I also managed to grab the very last can of frozen lemonade mix in the store. Yes, Target was right next door but I was trying to limit the number of places I visited. Anyway, it was delicious and the girls have decided that they want to make it again for Father's Day.  We shall see if that happens.

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