Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Over the Weekend

For those of you not on Facebook, here's a recap of my weekend.  Alan took the older two boys on a bit of a madcap birthday weekend trip.  They got to rub elbows with a bunch of other sci-fi geeks, meet a few authors, sit in on a few panels (I hear Bryan even participated in one on NaNoRiMo), see the inner harbor in Baltimore, and visit with their cousins. Fun times had by all.

But the weekend really started on Thursday when we had to take Alan's car in to get the brakes fixed before their trip because he had been unable to replace them himself.  Turns out one of the parts was royally stuck and another part was broken so even the service technician said he has trouble with them. So this involved driving Alan back and forth to work because he forgot that it is often possible to work from home now that he works for nice people.

Shortly after 4:30, a friend came over to turn over her dog to us.  She has an awesome opportunity to go to school down south and unfortunately can't take her beloved pet with her so she was looking for a place to rehome him.  Guinness is a rather smart and family friendly sheepdog who seems to fit in here rather well. The kids love him and he seems to love all the animals.  The only issue is Wiley.  Wiley did not like a new dog on her turf so I got to spend the weekend sending the dogs to their own corners.  They have adapted quite well now it seems.  They just spend time in different rooms most of the time but are starting to get closer to each other and the barking has settled down when they are in proximity of each other.  So now we can move onto helping Guinness learn how to help guide the sheep and figure out if he understands the boundaries of our yard.  He's a very energetic dog which is a change from Wiley but the kids are loving having him around to play with.

The weekend went rather well for the most part. Alan expressed some concern over the van being so shaky so I did my best to avoid driving it until it went in this week so we hung out at home a lot.  The sheep got out many, many times.  I woke up on Saturday morning and heard bleating coming from the garage. I thought to myself that I must be just hearing things because there is no way a sheep would be in the garage. I was wrong.

Sunday afternoon the kids went out to check on the sheep again to discover the littlest one was dead.  Now, I am in general not a squeamish person but I do have my rules. One of them is that dealing with dead animals is the job of the husband and older boys.  Just because.  And seriously folks, a dead sheep is a lot harder to bury than a dead chicken.  But we had this dead sheep on our hands and needed to make sure it did not attract any predators to the other sheep to keep them safe.  So I enlisted Liam, the wagon, and a tarp. We moved the poor thing out to the very back of the property and wrapped it in the tarp for the day. Since the boys were returning late that night, they were able to give the animal a proper burial on Monday.

Have I mentioned that Alan works next weekend as well?  Yup, I'm looking forward to another crazy weekend because I'm sure something insane will happen again. It's just the way things work around here.

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