Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meal Plan

In some ways the meal plan is becoming a bit of a joke.  Sigh. But we'll just keep trying.  Even though we were supposed to have pot roast for dinner tonight, I'm pretty sure we are having pizza. And Cherry Almond Bars for dessert. Because you need something red to celebrate Pentecost.  And because we don't have enough ice cream in the house for Sundaes on Sunday this week but if we try to skip out on dessert altogether, the children rebel.  Seriously.

Last week Kieran jumped in and made dinner for us on Friday night. He did an awesome job of working entirely on his own, only getting occasional verbal prodding.  He made an awesome Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce.  An older brother suggested adding in some red pepper flakes and it gave it an awesome kick. There are some leftovers in the fridge and I'm really hoping I get to enjoy some of them this week (if Dad does not take them for lunch).  So this is my plug for teaching your kids life skills. Every person needs to learn how to cook if they are to survive on their own. Because microwavable foods just don't cut it long term.

We have a birthday this week. So that is one day that I don't have to plan. But I'm not sure what the child wants on his day either.  Suppose I should find out before Tuesday rolls around.

M: oatmeal (B), French dip sandwiches (D)
T: Happy Birthday to Sean! Since I know you are reading this, please come tell me what you want to eat.
W: cereal (B), oven fajitas (D)
T: muffins and fruit (B), fresh chicken and asparagus casserole (D)
F: eggs in toast (B), crock pot macaroni and cheese (D)

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