Monday, May 13, 2013

Meal Plan

Today is the day I try to figure out the meal plan, cut the coupons, work on the grocery list, and the budget for the rest of the month.  Wish me luck. It's all sorts of fun.  I also need to find the time this week to organize the freezers and do a bit more work sorting/purging the hand-me-downs.   I'm hoping to find the space in the freezers so I can make some more broth and a larger batch of spaghetti sauce. At least that is the plan. We shall see what happens.

M: cereal (B), various assorted leftovers (L), spicy chicken soup with cheddar muffins (D)
T: eggs in toast (B), sandwiches (L), cheesy chicken and asparagus casserole (D)
W: oatmeal (B), sandwiches and oranges (L), enchiladas (D)
T: eggs (B), macaroni and cheese (L), spaghetti and meat sauce (D)
F: cereal (B), leftovers (L), potato soup (D)
S: pancakes (B), FFY (L), pizza (D)
S: muffins (B), FFY (L), pot roast (D)

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