Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life, the Weekend, and Us

I've been wracking my brains for something inspirational or controversial or something of interest at all to post here. But I'm just not feeling it lately.  Maybe it's that we have a busy week going at the moment. Maybe it's a host of other things.  Who knows.

Alan will be picking up the sheep today.  I'm wondering truly exactly how he is going to put 6 sheep in the back of the van along with 6 kids and get everyone home in one piece. I guess I should ask him to take a few pictures. I have to take the older 3 boys to scouts which leaves him on his own.  Hopefully everything will work out ok and the van won't suffer for the experience.  I am thinking with the lack of air conditioning that the van will be slightly smelly tomorrow, though.

The homeschooling conference in Buffalo on Friday was frankly a bit of a bust.  I'm rather glad that they did not charge admission.  The location rather stunk.  Downtown Buffalo is not your friend if you aren't familiar with the streets. And only having one room meant the talks and vendors were all in one place which truly limited you.  If it is in the same location next year, I can't say it would be worth it to attend. We were able to get a discount on enrolling 3 kids in Seton next year (I need the help, they need the help, it will be a short term thing and hopefully help us move forward a bit) and I think Alan liked seeing some of what was available but I much preferred the conferences that were held at the seminary. Yes, you had to pay for admission but that also included lunch, snacks, water, and a bag full of information.  And I loved having Mass and other such things available. None of that was available at the new location. But this is what happens when a different organization takes over. Each one has a different vision.  Perhaps one day we'll just head to VA for one of the big conferences instead. Maybe call it a parental kid free vacation.  Given the number of folks we know in that area, I'd imagine we could even find a place to crash for free.  Hey, one good thing that happened at the conference is Alan sold a copy of his book. Or perhaps you could say I sold it for him.  Go me. Maybe I should start charging for all the promotional work I'm doing. . . or maybe I should kick it up a few notches so that maybe we'll have a few quarters to toss into the kids hands when they are old enough to head off to college.

And now to head back to cleaning and purging and sorting and trying to get the house back into a reasonable order.  I know, I'm dreaming.  And figuring out what we will do for our Frontier Girl meeting tomorrow. No, I don't put things off until the last minute or anything.  Nope, not at all. I call it self preservation and putting out the fires as they come my way.

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