Friday, May 10, 2013

An Animal Update

The chickens are getting bigger. They seem to have adjusted to their home outside.  They are finally mostly too big to just go right through the holes in the fence so hopefully we will stop finding them wandering around the yard. Except for those occasions when a child leaves the gate open.  We won't get eggs for at least 2 more months I think but as long as we don't lose any of the birds, once they do start laying we should have more than we could use.
The sheep are rather cute.  Definitely animals who like to be in a herd. They get rather upset if a single animal is taken out of the pen alone.  This will be an interesting adventure.  I'm just looking forward to them getting a bit older so they will start eating a noticeable amount of grass.
No, not animals but the lilac bushes in front are beautiful.  Kind of makes you wish you had smell-o-vision, huh? They do smell heavenly.
And just a cute Ellie picture because, well, she's cute.

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Krista Heiser said...

It's wrong and I know it, but I covet your lilac bushes. :-)