Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Suggestions Please: Minimalist Kid Stuff

Ok, I am asking for serious opinions and advice here.  I am hoping to do some tweaking/purging in the playroom. I'm looking for a minimalist take on a playroom for kids of various ages from about 10 on down.  The playroom does not house a tv or any seating at the moment and the plan is to keep it that way.  What toys would you keep and what would you purge if you wanted a minimalist playroom for both boys and girls?  LEGOs are staying as are the wooden trains and a kitchen set. Probably about half of the baby doll collection will stay and the wooden blocks and dress-up clothes.  Give me your best ideas and suggestions please because the playroom is a constant headache. My goal is something the kids can pick up on their own without requiring constant parental involvement so I know we have to pare it down a bit.

The older children have a space in the basement with a tv and the Wii which also needs some work because it is pretty constantly in a state of chaos.  We had to haul out a small couch last week for the trash because the children had destroyed it which leaves them with just one couch downstairs which is also on it's last legs because the kids seem to think they can be destructive if Mom and Dad are not in the room at the moment. Yes, I know this is a discipline issue and I am attempting to address it and somewhat failing at the moment.  My hope had been to provide spaces for both ages of children to be able to have friends over and give them some privacy from other siblings when needed but it seems to not be working. So suggestions please.We can't lock them out of the basement until they are ready to stop destroying stuff because two children have a bedroom down there and they use the space for a quiet place to escape the younger while doing school (or pretending to do so).  I'm open to just about anything other than ship them all off to military school until they learn to pick up after themselves because I kind of doubt even that will help.

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Dirtdartwife said...

Why not make the basement a bedroom for all the boys? Then use the small room upstairs (the one at the very end of the hall) as the TV/Wii room and use the front room upstairs as a toy room. Where was the school room? Is it still the front room on the first floor (fire pit room).

What you've decided to keep would need to be purged too because there is a thing as too many Legos and too many dress up clothes. We often have to purge dress up clothes, mainly the ones that are trashed, shredded or just way too stained to really be of much use.

You might want to invest in either solid wood boxes for storage so it's least likely to be destroyed. This way you can work on your discipline issue along with hoping the storage container lasts a bit longer. Maybe even make them make it in the hopes that they'll not be so apt to ruin it since they spent time making it.