Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Musing Brought on by the Play Museum

Took the kids to the play museum today.  I forgot the camera but remembered all the children so I guess we'll call it good.  Of course, I do feel a little bad to not have pictures because Ellie had an awesome time. Sean took her on the carousel where she got to ride a horse for the first time. She clung to the pole for dear life so I was afraid she would be miserable but she seemed to have enjoyed herself. It seemed a little odd to have all the kids walking and be able to use the stroller just for carrying coats and books.  And the kids' art projects.

May I admit that every time we go to someplace like this, I somewhat question my beliefs as a parent.  Yes, I'm the one there with lots of kids. The one who is too busy doing head counts to sit down and direct the way the children play.  Then again, I can't say I would be directing their play if I was only there with one or two kids.  I tend to be of the mindset that for the most part, kids get a greater benefit from being allowed to figure things out by themselves.  But given that I often get dirty looks because I am not following the toddler around and showing them how to do everything, it appears there aren't too many parents who still believe in just letting the kids be on their own.  Anyway, just a random thought here for the day.   Yes, I love taking the kids to museums and zoos and doing kid friendly activities when appropriate but I don't love being made to feel as if I am supposed to entertain any child constantly.  I just guess today's society makes it a tad hard to even somewhat embrace the free range ideas of parenting.

On a side note, the LEGO exhibit is pretty darn nifty. Gabe was very impressed by all the amazing models put together and Ellie loved riding in the LEGO racecar.

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