Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Purging the Playroom

I am currently on round two of sorting and purging the toys in the playroom.  Round one resulted in at least 7 bags of stuff being donated and at least one bag of trash being removed from the room. I'll admit that I have no clue where the trash seems to come from or where the endless supply of toys comes from either. So far with round two I have almost 3 large bags of trash and 4 bags of stuff to donate.  I have several other large items in mind to remove from the house but most of that will have to be done when the children are not in the room. Ellie already yelled at me and pulled a toy out of the donate bag that she clearly feels should stay in the house.  Good thing she goes to bed before I do.

I'm truly starting to understand the concept of minimalism with regard to toys.  We met a family in Florida who always managed to limit their kids' toys and clothes. I'll admit on several occasions I thought to myself that it seemed a tad mean to limit the kids' stuff quite that much. But now I am beginning to understand the thinking.  We have spent way too many hours arguing with the kids over the mess in the playroom and the clothes all over the floor.  I've decided I will be much happier if we spend less time arguing, less time cleaning, less money on stuff, and more time just as a family.  Is there any hope for accomplishing such goals?

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