Monday, April 29, 2013

In the Yard Today

The simple truth is it can often feel somewhat isolating not living near neighbors.  Don't get me wrong, I truly love the space and freedom and privacy.  But every so often I start feeling a tad lonely out here.  No, we don't live too far from folks really. It's just when you factor in the cost of gas into everyone's budget, there just isn't too much left over for just random visiting of folks. Hm, do people even do that anymore? Or is that a bigger part of them problem?

But this time of year I can't help but feel incredibly lucky when I look out in our yard.  The chicken run is finished and the birds are enjoying their new home.  The sheep enclosure is up. Now we just finish the hunt for more affordable to sheep to fill it with.  Alan and the boys have transplanted a few raspberry bushes from the back property line into the garden area.  The asparagus will be coming up soon. All the trees look beautiful.  I'm still debating the necessity of a garden this year. Part of me says yes, part of me says the crew is putting in enough work over at the CSA/coop farm that there would be rebellion if we tried to do it twice.  The tree that fell a few weeks ago is looking kind of forlorn so I'm sure soon the boys will drag it back to the campsite to chop up for fire wood. Give them an excuse to use an axe and they are all thrilled.  The middle kids are now all big enough to climb the rope hanging off the "monster" tree at the very back of our property and have been begging Alan to build them a tree house up there. Mom says the 15 foot height before the first available spot is just too high for the younger ones who will be sure to follow along but she's mean like that.  The slackline will go up in the yard soon.  The kids were asked to clear out the brush from under the grape vines over the weekend.  We really need to remember to trim those back next winter because they just grow better when you do.  I'm hoping for a good fruit crop this year but we've lost half our peach trees so I guess that is kind of up in the air.  The swingset needs some TLC and the picnic table needs to be rebuilt.  But seriously, we have all of that in our own little yard. It truly does not get much better than that.


noreen said...

Cheryl, you have an amazing yard! Raising live stock and fruits and veggies... I'm impressed!

What happened to your peach trees?

Cheryl said...

When we moved here we had I do believe 6 peach trees. One got struck by lightening. One got knocked down in a bad storm. And one the children knocked over climbing in it. That is the problem with dwarf fruit trees. It's wonderful to have them so close to the ground and such but they just don't take as much abuse as their full-sized counter parts. And it's awfully hard some days to tell the smaller children who are so thrilled to have found a tree they can climb like the big kids to stay out of them. Guess I'm a bit of a softy.