Saturday, April 6, 2013

Building Bird Feeders

I took the younger 6 to Home Depot this morning for the Kids' Workshop.  This month the kids made bird feeders.  I decided that 6 bird feeders would be just a bit too many so Ellie hung out in her stroller while the other kids worked.

I can remember when Alan and I always did these events together with just the older 2 or 3.  Because we had not yet both mastered the fine art of true multi-tasking.  I have to laugh at my thinking back then.

Liam did a great job of not only putting his bird feeder together but also helping Gabe build his.  Then the two of them headed over to the painting table while the rest of the crew finished up.  Katie helped Robert with putting the finishing touches on his bird feeder.  This weekend having the older 3 off camping and Alan working, I've been once again reminded of the importance of training your kids to truly help one another from a very early age.  And reminded that I need to remember to ask the middle kids to take on more responsibility because they are certainly capable of doing everything the older kids did at their age.

We brought home 5 painted bird feeders and now have to find homes for all of them outside and relatively close to the house.  This will take a bit of creativity I do believe.

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