Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful For Me

The folks at Veggie Tales have recently spent some time focusing on movies catering to girls and the things they really need to hear before they hit those preteen years.  Those wonderful years when society starts telling you that you aren't good enough if you don't look just so perfectly perfect. We have several of the CD's (because nothing is quite the same as belting out the Veggie Tales songs in the car with the kids) and were listening to one of them today.  What struck me with this particular song is that this is message girls need to hear not only from their heavenly Father, but from their earthly one as well.  This is the message fathers need to get across to their little ones and older ones.  They need to remind their daughters that in his eyes, they are perfect and amazing and wonderful.  And they need to tell them that all the time. I'm not talking telling your 3-year-old that she is pretty. I'm talking telling your older daughter and taking an interest in her life and getting to know her just the two of you.  I'm talking about spending time learning her hobbies and introducing her to yours. Taking her out for a date. Getting to know her friends and not just leaving it up to Mom.  I'm talking telling your daughter those 3 little words parents often neglect to use for their older children (and yet then expect to hear coming from their children anyway even if they stopped saying it themselves).  So, Dads, listen to the song and go home and tell your daughters what they need to hear from you because no one else will ever have the same influence in her life as you will.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post to share, thank you Cheryl. I had not heard that song yet and so I was very touched by the line "You should have seen me smile the day that I made you beautiful for me". I plan to send my hubby the link to the youtube video.

Dirtdartwife said...

Posted this song on FB when this movie came out. Being the mom of a bunch of girls, it's SO important for the dads to "step up to the plate" for them. I"m so blessed to be married to a man that I can tell he "gets it" and can understand right when our girls need him.

Yet I also see it for me as well. Having grown up being told how much looks are important, it took (and has taken) me many years to realize that I need not put my self worth into how I look and those that want to respect me ONLY on how I look, or how much weight I lost after "just having had a baby", aren't worth my time.