Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 In 2013

Have you seen this idea to help you get motivated to purge, clean out, and live with less clutter? I hadn't officially planned on doing a big purge this year but I've recently gotten motivated to purge a wee little bit (ok a lot). I'm really thinking I should have kept track as things got packed up and donated or tossed.  Tomorrow will see the third big load of stuff heading off to the thrift store (and when I say big, the last load filled a decent amount of the back of the van with one of the seats removed). Lots of trash has been removed from the house.  So I'm thinking by now that I really should try to go for 2013 items in 2013. The only question is how many do I start with from here because I'm not starting the count over at 0. So a serious question here: how many items do you estimate for a grocery bag of clothes and how do you estimate garbage bag sized bags or a grocery bag full of toys?

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Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, when I went to a rummage on the "bag it" day, I got ~20 items of kid clothes in the wegman's plastic bags they were using.

I would expect a tall kitchen grocery bag with mixed clothes types (some bulky winter things, some baby things) would be upwards of 50 items.

Toys are a lot more variable, but you could probably estimate 20 per 13 gallon bag conservatively, I'd think.