Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One of Those Days

It's been one of those days.  The kind of day where things start out great but somewhere along the lines something popped up and reminded me of exactly what I'm missing right now and everything kind of went downhill from there.  Which has led me on a funny little trail of tracking down youtube videos and such things from our years in Germany.  Still can't find the super awesome AFN commercials which would explain oh so much to folks who did not grow up seeing them.  "Don't shop where you're hungry" and "Here's the scoop on coupons" will never, ever be removed from the deep inner recesses of my brain.  Nope, never.  Along with their catchy annoying tones and the sight of the wonderful graphics.  And we will never forget Gasthaus which I'm pretty sure was everyone's cue to get up for a 10 minute break because it was just too odd to watch most days.  Found the promo video made in an attempt to keep the base open.  What do I pick up on in it?  Wow, my Dad looks young.  Wow, my FIL looks young.  Hey, that's where we kissed the first time.  Man, those playgrounds really were awesome.   Um, our dog has the same name as our church did then (Wiley Chapel). What does my husband pick up on? Hey, look at how ancient those computers are!  I'm thinking just maybe my husband is not quite as romantic as he likes to think he is.

And I start thinking about the 4 years we spent dating through the mail.  Ok, that last year we used email while at college but it was almost all through the mail with at first phone calls every other week. After a while our parents realized this cute little connection we had just was not going to go away no matter how much they kept telling themselves (and us) that surely being apart at this young age was proof that it just wasn't worth hanging onto and so the phone calls became a weekly thing.  But you'd better believe the clock was watched so very closely and after an hour there would be looks indicating we'd better get off the phone (back in the age when long distance calls actually cost something and 10 cents a minute actually added up to a slightly significant amount of money). So what has come of all that? I mean other than 10 kids, 16 years of marriage, and a crap ton of assorted junk in this house that we really need to let go of? Well, Alan and I still seem to communicate best in written form.  And I know we have both learned new things about each other by reading the other person's blog (crazy, crazy thought that is right there). I will admit part of it is a defense mechanism to keep our nosey children from listening in on our conversations (thank you so much Paula for letting us know that Bryan was doing that every single night) so we still will often sit in the same house and have a conversation over the computer.  Seems it's just easier that way.

Anyway, it's been an interesting walk down memory lane today.  Hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.


Krista said...

Hello! Yesterday Alan posted a link to your blog from his Facebook profile (you know, the one under his pseudonym..or is Alan the pseudonym..not that it matters. I have digressed.) Anyhow, when he posted the link yesterday I didn't realize the link was to his wife's blog. I thought it was an article he had stumbled across and found interesting. So, I followed up today with a website I thought he might find of interest. It was at this point he outed you as the wife.

Wow. That's confusing. I hope you get it, though.

Anyhow, I made Alan's acquaintance through his writing blog. Knowing now that you also have an online presence, I felt it was only right that I stop in here and introduce myself. Hello. I'm Krista. Very nice to meet you. :-)

Cheryl said...

Nice to hear from one of his on-line friends. Hope you like what you see here.