Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meal Plan

I'm going to try to stick with a two week meal plan for a while. I'm hoping I can get back into sticking with the plans a bit better than we have been doing lately and work on keeping the food expenses down a little bit for the next few months.  We'll be working on eating out of the freezer for the next few weeks so that we can make room for our pork and beef order. Both should be arriving in a few weeks. We should then be able to avoid buying any beef for a year and the pork should last at least 6 months, hopefully more if we stretch it. Buying direct from the farmer means we are supporting a local farm and getting organic grass-fed meat for the same price or cheaper than buying conventionally raised meat from the grocery store.  Basically a win-win for everyone.

M: oatmeal (B), soup (L), cheesesteak sandwiches (D)
T: eggs (B), sandwiches (L), hot dogs/bratwurst (D)
W: cereal (B), leftovers (L), chili and cornbread (D)
T: Robert's birthday so his choice
F: oatmeal (B), grilled cheese (L), pot luck dinner-we're bringing broccoli and cheese stuffed potatoes (D)
S: cereal (B), pizza at the homeschool expo (L), tacos (D)
S: muffins (B), leftovers (L), chicken and stuffing (D)
M: oatmeal (B), sandwiches (L), pork chops (D)
T: eggs (B), macaroni and cheese (L), fajitas (D)
W: cereal (B), soup (L), chicken satay (D)
T: muffins (B), leftovers (L), spaghetti (D)
F: oatmeal (B), tuna sandwiches (L), potato soup (D)
S: pancakes (B), cream cheese chicken over rice (D)
S: breakfast casserole (B), snacks/leftovers (L), ham (D)

I'm also planning to start getting back on track and going back to making most of our bread and such again. I think I've taken a long enough break and it is time to get back to what we need to do to keep our budget in check and avoid extra trips to the store. So wish me luck.

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