Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Livin' on Love

The songs I most remember hearing at home growing up were country songs.  And they are also the ones that often speak to most even now.  Ok, not so much some of the new ones.  But that could be said of so many things. Yes, I happily succeeded in getting a bunch of girls from Long Island hooked on Garth Brooks my first year of college.  I had to keep up their preconceived image of what someone from Kansas would be like.  Never mind that I don't actually consider myself to be from Kansas and never did, even then.  It is truly scary that I have now spent more of my life living in New York state than anywhere else which truly means it just may be time to start consider moving.  I just refuse to become a New Yorker. Sorry.  Besides, that slight southern twang Alan claims I have mixed in with the upstate New York accent will never truly work around here.  Yes, I am rambling. Tend to do that a lot in case you have not yet figured it out.  Anyway, today I was searching for a different song but instead I'm sharing this one.  It's always made me smile and seems somehow full of hope.

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