Saturday, February 2, 2013


One of the older boys asked me the other day if hearing Isabel's name upsets me.  I have to say that it does not.  I'd really rather hear people acknowledge her presence and impact on our life than feel the void of everyone pretending she was never here.  Honestly, what really bugs me is when people call her by the wrong name. I realize it's likely not an intentional thing and that many people are doing so because when a relative called to tell everyone that Isabel had died, they used the wrong name. So in most cases it is the first name they heard and what they assume is right. But it really ticks me off for some reason.  Likely because the only thing we could give our daughter was a name.  The poor girl was even buried in hand-me-down clothes because I was not physically able to go to the store for something new.  But perhaps that is for the best. So, no, hearing Isabel's name does not bother me. The ache is not a bother but simply something that will likely always be there.


stephanie hubbel said...

I have always loved hearing Faith and Frederick's names and looking at their photos which I have right next to those of my living children. I think it's rather beautiful that Isabel was buried in hand me downs - a gift from her siblings and a symbol of her place in a family that shared life and love with her.

millie1423 said...

You have such intuitive friends. I wish all children could feel the love that your children have for each other.