Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boy Scouts

As of the meeting last night, we officially have three Boy Scouts.  Kieran is very thrilled since he has been counting down the time until he was old enough to join for over a year. (No, we don't do Cub Scouts.  Instead we stick with Blue Knights for the younger boys because we can only handle so many activities per kid and Blue Knights is Dad centered.  Cub Scouts are rather Mom centered and Mom can only handle so much.)

I'll admit I am not as thrilled as Kieran because I do have some reservations about the troop.  I've been spending more of the recent meetings sitting in the school reading. This means I've gotten an up close and personal view of what actually goes on during the meetings. Chaos is the best way to describe it. I was actually rather shocked. There are more than 5 adult leaders present during the meetings but they often leave the boys to their own devices.  Which means some get into trouble and some do not. And some get pulled into trouble because there is nothing else to do. I know the adults are trying for a boy run troop which is what it should be but are forgetting that teen boys in large numbers need more direct supervision than you would think at times. And we've had some bullying issues and thievery on recent camping trips so at the moment, our boys are not participating in the trips. I meant to discuss the issues with the leaders myself a few months ago but, well, then life happened.  So I guess I currently have the troop on probation.  I'm kind of hoping as some of the kids age out, that things will improve.

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