Thursday, January 17, 2013

All's Quiet on the Messy Front

Life has a way of catching up with you sometimes.  Like when everyone gets knocked over with some sort of nasty virus (no, not the flu although I'm starting to understand why we are hearing reports of more flu cases than normal based on how sick we were this past week). We've all been hunkering down and laying around and trying to get better.  Lesson relearned this week: don't give the sick 2-year-old medicine for her fever.  Once the medicine kicks in, she'll be running around the house then crash when it wears off.  Remind yourself next time that a fever is a good thing and the body's natural defense mechanism and should be allowed to do it's work and force the child to just rest. (Yes, we medicate for truly high fevers or when the kids are uncomfortable enough to not be able to rest but not as a general rule so don't go yelling at me if you believe differently.)  Judging from the sounds of the arguing going on downstairs, I'd say a decent amount of the kids are finally starting to feel 100% again. Hopefully when I've caught up a bit around here, just maybe I'll have something more to share.

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Anonymous said...

I've taken to basically only medicating (unless the fever is REALLY high or we're talking ear infection or some such that is terribly painful) at night. I want the fever to have a chance to make the body inhospitable for all those buggies, if it can