Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Least They Were all Dressed

My how things change on you.  Once upon a time, we only had a few kids.  So few in fact that you only needed one hand to count them all.  So few that we could always make sure every child was holding an adult's hand.  So few that we always were able to make sure every child was neat, presentable, and matching when we left the house for important events like Mass.

Now, well, we have a few more kids.  We need two hands to count them all.  And there is no way everyone will be holding a adult's hand when we leave the house unless you count the teenagers as adults.  And we now apparently settle for just making sure everyone is wearing clothes when we leave the house.

We attended an evening Mass tonight so that Alan could join us after work.  Robert arrived wearing a pair of water shoes because they were the only ones we could find in his size tonight.  Ellie arrived wearing two different soft sole shoes (both cast-offs from an older brother so very much masculine looking shoes) because her sneakers have gone missing.  Half-way through Mass I noticed that when her older sister got her dress, the dress went on backwards.  She was also sporting some leftover blue marker streaks on her face from her adventures with the box of markers this morning.  And if you stood above her and looked down, you noticed the numerous bald patches on her head from where one of her siblings gave her a haircut.  Gabe was wearing nice matching clothes.  But the pants kept falling down and I'd look over and notice he was mooning everyone in the rows behind us. Several of the older children managed to walk out of the house without really combing their hair.

But we were all there. Together.  And the kids pretty much behaved.  So that's all that matters, right?

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ekasayka said...

I don't know how you do it! But anytime I get a little frustrated getting out the door for Mass, I think to myself....Cheryl would be laughing at my feeble attempt to get 2 kids and a husband out the door for Mass.

Thanks for the smiles and encouragement! :-) Love you guys!