Tuesday, November 27, 2012

These Kids of Ours

I'll admit it. These past few weeks have taught us quite a lot about ourselves and our little family. I've watched the kids all step up and be rather amazing.  I'm very grateful that we have spent so much time focusing on siblings being friends and not tolerating rude or hateful behavior towards each other in the name of "that's just how siblings are to one another." Not to say they don't argue but rather that they have learned for the most part to respect one another rather than be just plain mean.  This meant they each had a friend or two to turn to in the past few weeks.  I can't imagine how lonely things would have been for them otherwise.

The older children have been helping with cooking and laundry and diapers and putting the younger ones down for naps. The middle kids have stepped up and helped quite a lot as well.  Which was a reminder to me that Bryan used to do all that stuff when he was their age just because he's the oldest and I needed the help.  I need to remember to require the same help from the other kids that I required from him.  I can't imagine how much more challenging the past few weeks would have been if I had a house full of kids who were used to having everything done for them.  The help has made a huge difference.

So, hm, I guess I'm saying that I think my kids are rather awesome and I'm not quite sure how we would have managed without them.

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