Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meal Plan

We have reached the end of the wonderful meal train that was providing us with dinners for the past few weeks.  The ladies who provided the meals for our family over the past few weeks were incredibly generous so we even have some extra food in the freezers.  But now it is time for us to take over again and for me to start planning meals again.  Granted, I think we'll be relying fairly heavily on freezer meals for a few more weeks because I am still not back on my feet.  The meds still have me too weak to function and my doctors are arguing over who is responsible for regulating the dosing so I'm somewhat stuck unable to function at the moment. No, I am not happy and yes, I do plan to start taking things into my own hands very soon if I don't get a better answer.  It's way too important that the other children have parents available to them who are able to function and be parents.  They are a huge priority right now and I won't feel better until I am able to start taking care of them again.

So, here's a slightly pathetic attempt at planning meals for this week.  Breakfast will be whatever Alan and the kids throw together each morning.  Lunches will be sandwiches and leftovers.
M: salisbury meatballs over rice
T: ravioli
W: cheesy chicken casserole
T: honey glazed chicken
F: tuna casserole maybe
S: should be pizza and movie night

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