Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I Needed to Hear Today

I think I received just about the best compliment today.  A few weeks ago I decided to share a review I had done with the members of our local homeschooling group.  I will admit I did this with some trepidation because my blog is not exactly what I would call a perfect homeschooling Mom's blog.  It does chronicle our life and our schooling (or lack of as the case may be at times) but I don't think it really shows us as put together people.  I will admit I was afraid that I would seem a bit of a crazy person to local folks.  But one of the other mom's today said basically I read your blog and enjoy it because you seem so normal.  Exactly what we are all hoping for, someone else with a lived-in, often cluttered, perhaps messy house, with a schedule that does not always go as planned, kids who leave the house with clothes that don't match and maybe are on backwards and life that simply does not always go as planned.  So thanks for letting me know that things are the same at your house at times because I think we all harbor that fear that everyone else has it more together than we do at times.

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