Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help Your Local Food Pantry

Here's a very inexpensive way to help your local food pantry or crisis pregnancy center.  I was browsing the monthly Sales & Special Offers on Amazon.com this evening and saw that Earth's Best Baby Food is on sale for 20% off.  I will admit that we don't use baby food around here so I normally would not have paid attention to it but I looked further and realized that I could get a 12 pack of organic baby food to donate to the food pantry for just over $5.  I had a gift card still sitting in my account from Swagbucks so I only paid 6 cents.  Use the code EDMARCH4 at check out after you select the Subscribe & Save option and you will also get free shipping.  As soon as your shipment arrives,log back onto your account and cancel the Subscribe & Save order so they don't ship more to you next month.  Food pantries rarely get baby items and crisis pregnancy centers can always use them as well.

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