Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally Did It

We finally did it.  We actually bought a real baptism outfit for one of our children.  No, I could not find a plain white sleeper and I'm not into colorful stuff for baptisms.  Man, those suckers are expensive.  Really makes me wish we'd done it earlier like we'd always wanted so I would have a guarantee that it would be used for multiple children.  7 of our children plus one of our Godchildren were all baptized in a "family" gown.  I will admit that I never liked using the gown myself.  We only did so because it was important to another family member.  Frankly, I'm not too much on big long dresses on my boys.  And I have no memories attached to the gown.  And there is always the fear of what to do if the child pukes on the gown and somehow ruins it.  I'd always wanted one of our own for all of our children to make our own memories with.  And now we will have that I suppose.  Looks like the celebration itself will be super small.  Since it is winter and the kids will be less likely to spend all afternoon outside that is probably a good thing.  Since I am still dragging and getting over some mystery illness, that is also probably a good thing.  Much longer and the laundry will become a monster that will take over the house.  Hm, I think it might already be there.  Anyway, next week there will be pictures of the cute baby in her new dress.  Hopefully she will have gained a wee bit of weight so it is not totally huge on her.  You'd think they would sell the gowns in preemie size at a regular store. 


Dirtdartwife said...

I didn't like having a gown on my son either and it was the first kid of mine that used our "family gown". I didn't know we had one until I had my third child and WWIII broke out because it went to my brother and they chose to not use it on their son. Everyone is flipping out about him not using it yet I'm standing there going "Really? We have one? And I've got three GIRLS and no one ever said anything to me about a gown. If he didn't want to use it, why not give it to me? I could have used it!" So... my last two were Baptized in it and I don't know if it'll make it any further. The thing is SO old, it's ripping on MANY seams, it's falling apart, and God help you if there is just one stain on it.

Makes me wonder why some people get so pissy about a Baptismal gown KNOWING full well a baby... yeah, the kind that poop, puke, spit up, drool...will be in it. Sure, it's special and most people would take care of it. But to act as if the world is going to end if there is a small stain, or if it's not carried in a plastic bag to the Church... that's insane (I've heard of families doing this)

Dirtdartwife said...

and btw.. wish we could make it but this thing called a couple of miles prevents us (and we're broke). But we'll send a gift up before the end of the month. :) (And Katie's VERY late birthday Wii game)

Can't wait to see pics!!!