Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Thank You

A little bit of a different one perhaps.  Veteran's Day is today which means lots of kids are out of school, some folks are off work.  Chances are good that lots of people have no real clue why they get the break or what is important about honoring our veterans.  We as a country owe many thanks to the folks who went before us to defend our rights.

In recent years I have run into folks who seem to think that only certain folks in the military deserve our respect and thanks.  That you must serve in a certain capacity to be worth anything.  I think these people miss the mark tremendously.  Without all the folks working in the background, doing all the other jobs that are necessary on a day to day basis, the few folks actively fighting would have a much harder job.  We need to remember to honor and thank everyone who has served our country.  To do otherwise is a grave mistake.  So thanks to those who cook the meals and wash the clothes and fuel the planes and bandage the wounds and print the books and fix the computers and those who take care of all of the other details that are necessary to keep things running smoothly.

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Dirtdartwife said...

It's ALL people, of ALL branches, doing ALL the jobs that makes our military great. It's not just the people behind the scenes nor just the people on the front line (you forgot those that are black ops- those are TRULY the ones that people forget about because their jobs aren't known to the public), but it's EVERYONE. To make it about one or the other is very immature.

Tell Alan thank you for his continued service for us! If it wasn't for airmen like him, my husband wouldn't have planes to jump out of!