Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Saturday nights around here are movie nights.  One of those rather inexpensive traditions that the children look forward to every week and a great way to build family memories.  This week we watched How to Train Your Dragon

This one gets praise from the parents around here and is a must see for any family.  Just watch it with an open mind. It's not just about dragons.  The underlying story line that most caught my attention had to do with the struggle between teens and adults as the children age.  I was reminded how many times a child's relationship with their parent is damaged not through the actions of the child, but rather through a intense stubbornness on the part of the parent to let go of their own notions of who their child should be.  In this story, the main character's father simply refuses to acknowledge that his son should be allowed to have thoughts and ideas of his own and simply turns away from him.  How many times have we all seen this same scenario played out in families that we know?  A teen strikes out on their own on a path that their parents would not choose for them and the parent is railing about how the teen is making a mistake, ruining their life or perhaps bringing shame to their family.  In this movie, it was only when the adults in the story accepted that this quirky teen might actually be right in the way he views things that their village was saved.  A great movie for the kids to enjoy but also to remind parents that they should never box their children in with their own preconceived ideas.

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