Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gifts that Give Back

When you are trying to figure out what gifts to send to the adults on your list this year, I suggest looking for a gift that not only will keep the recipients happy but will also help out a charitable organization.  This is just a highlight of 3 of our favorites.  And, yes, we have tried products from all of them and they are delicious.

Monks' Bread is made by Trappist Monks in Western New York.  Their breads are all natural, no high fructose corn syrup and very yummy.  They also sell preserves, honey, fruit and nut butters, coffee, candy and cakes.  Truly something for everyone and almost everything they sell is made by religious brothers and sisters.

Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works sells bean soup and dip mixes.  This organization works to help struggling women get necessary job skills so they can become self sufficient and improve their lives.  Their soups and dips are delicious and each package is signed by the woman who put it together for you.

Mystic Monk coffee is roasted by Carmelite Monks.  Excellent coffee made in small batches.  They also sell candy, cd's, brewing equipment and religious gifts.  You can taste the extra time that went into making your coffee.

Whatever gifts you choose to give this year, I hope every family takes the time to share a little something extra with those in their community who don't have what they do.

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